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Registration is officially open for our 2nd Lifting With Attitude series. We had some amazing results from the 1st series focused on improving strength in the bench press and learning how to do a proper push-up. We had many increase their strength by nearly 25% in 8 weeks! And others learned how to do a proper push-up for the first time ever. Want to see what a typical class looks like? Click below and find out or better yet, come and see for yourself!

Client responses when asked, What did you like about the class?

Small group, camaraderie and support of the group, instruction and follow up in email, positive energy, enthusiasm of the instructor!
Learning proper techniques when using barbell and dumbbells. It was great to have a class with a bunch of like-minded people, too.


     Need to Know Details:

           price:  < $21 / Class = $335 tot.

    Drop-ins accepted

     Beginners Encouraged



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