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What makes this camp different from other active camps?

Welcome to PR's Sports Performance Academy! We are not a camp. This is not a babysitting service. We are offering specialized coaching in a small group setting so that the kids receive as much attention as possible to improve their body awareness and their knowledge of nutrition and exercise. Our certified performance coaches and training staff promote athletic progression, character development, and nutritional awareness. Athletes will be evaluated on the skills needed for their particular sport at the beginning of camp and will see a tangible change by the end of the week. Transform your game and maximize performance for years to come! 

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Why is Sports Performance Academy good for my child?

The exercises and activities done in the camp are safe and simple. Children will be able to take what they learn and apply it to their daily life. We are able to accomodate for a child's specific needs, and help them figure out the best and safest way for them to complete a task, and feel confident and excited in doing so.

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What will my child do in a session?

At PR Performance, all classes and sessions begin with a warm-up and stretching, followed by various group exercises, partner work and other fun fitness activities to help children increase speed, power, agility, balance, coordination, mental strength, and knowledge about nutrition.

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