Personal training is about being able to use your body as your own gym. I take experiences from my background in professional soccer, semi-pro boxing and martial arts to teach my clients that your body is your ally. Take care of it and it will take care of you. 

While I was in high school in El Salvador, you are expected to choose your career and start learning about your trade. Here and while I was traveling with my professional team, I became fascinated with rehabilitation and physical therapy. There I learned that movement is a medicine for creating change!



As early as I can remember I have always had fun playing sports and being active. Having gone through 3 knee surgeries and several other injuries, my passion for training comes from overcoming obstacles.  

I believe in taking a comprehensive individual evaluation not only of the body, but of the mind before creating a customized fitness program. Building a champion on the outside first starts with building a champion on the inside.  In order to see improvements in our daily living, we must start living to improve daily.



At a young age, I lost my grandfather to diabetes.   What I learned was that he knew this could have been prevented with a well-balanced diet and exercise but could not make the change. At 15, I started becoming more conscious of what I ate, and began exercising regularly. It wasn't easy at first, but as  I started seeing results and my friends started asking me for help.

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to play a small role in changing someone's life! Whether it's to prevent disease, reversing an illness, or simply just to boost self-confidence, if it's important to you, it's important to me. So, how can I help you?


My personal mission as a performance coach is to make each of my clients feel confident in themselves and safe when performing their exercise routine. My love for training developed as I started to help my family and friends reach their goals. My favorite sport has always been soccer and I even played for Falls Church High School. But I also have experience in swimming and boxing.

What I didn't realize was how my lifestyle as a kid influenced the decisions I made later in life. Being healthy is a culture and it is my job to help make this culture a part of your life and your family's life as well.

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My passion for fitness and sports started at an early age as I was involved in many team sports including football, basketball, and wrestling. There is nothing more important than the fundamentals of movement. With a certification in corrective exercise and two in functional movement, my focus is executing exercises safely and efficiently with my clients. With the proper education and right amount of motivation, I am confident in designing a program together to achieve life-long results. My fitness journey is now about finding headphones that can handle my workout. Suggestions are welcome. 


Bao's training principle is simple: “Raise Your Standards”. His priority is to help his clients feel confident moving in their bodies and discovering their capabilities. He employs fundamental training techniques to increase body awareness and promote ease of movement. He also includes corrective exercises to address client's neuromuscular imbalances associated with injury, surgery, and everyday aches and pains. His biggest reward is found in the little things: seeing his clients persevere through a workout, trying new healthy foods, and sharing success stories about their career or family.